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The San Francisco de Asís Animal Sanctuary is a non-for-profit organization enrolled in the Department of State with the number 55441, and tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We are one of the four animal sanctuaries or ‘no-kill’ shelters in Puerto Rico, and the first one in the west side. We respect life and the right of all animals to be rehabilitated, specially domestic animals.

Our mission:

To provide shelter, nourishment, affection and proper veterinary care to homeless, abandoned, and special needs cats and dogs. We work daily throughout our adoption programs to find loving homes for them, and those not adopted can stay in the Sanctuary permanently. We promote as important facts to eradicate the abuse of animals in our island: responsible adoption, educating our communities, and low-cost spaying and neutering.


To build a compassionate community, sensible and conscious where the lives and rights of non-human animals are valued and respected.

Visiting hours:

By appointment, for more information info@sasfapr.org. Will depend on availability of volunteers, underage visitors must be accompanied by an adult. Volunteers and visitors must wear long pants, closed shoes and shirts with sleeves.

We are unable to accept new animals at the moment since we the sanctuary is full. Remember that companion animals are a part of the family, which is why you should not abandon them, and doing so is an offense punishable by Law 154. If you need to find a home for a cat or dog you rescued or are fostering, you can send a photograph of the pet along with a description and contact information to info@sasfapr.org

For more information, we update frequently the following sites:

Blog: sasfapr.wordpress.com

Facebook Page: facebook.com/sasfaprpage

Facebook Profile: facebook.com/sasfapr

Twitter: twitter.com/sasfapr

Contact Information


787 612 8587

PO BOX 538

Boquerón, PR 00622-0538

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